17 Apr. 2007
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A Minor Irony

It started raining here on Saturday night, continued through Sunday, and by Monday morning the rain had been replaced by very heavy (if non-sticking) snow!  The news reports have been saying that it is the most rain in a single day (Sunday) since the 1800s.  The forecast for most of the rest of the week?  Rain.

If you live in the Northeast, my wishes for a dry basement.  And first floor.  And second floor. 

If you emailed, thank you for your concern.  I was more worried about the forecast wind since that can damage my antennas, but this did not eventuate.  I live on a hill and so generally don't suffer flooding.

If you're wondering what I mean by "A Minor Irony" in today's subject line, it is this:  I was indeed discommoded by the nor'easter.  The road to the gym was flooded out, and yesterday I was unable to go swimming.

If you're wondering what interesting scientific experiment I had planned to perform in the pool, one that might not save your life, you'll have to wait for another day or so.

NP:  "Holloway Girl" - Marillion

Richard Factor

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