22 April 2008
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Things You Can't Do Any More

About Which I Am Not At All Pleased

Aerial photograph, Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, San Luis Obispo, California

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

San Luis Obispo, California, ca. 1980

Aerial photograph, Indian Point nuclear power plant, Buchanan, New York

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Buchanan, New York, ca. 1987

Pope Report

You may recall that on logical yesterday, we speculated about if and how Pope Benedict XVI keeps his vestments so clean and white.  What an opportunity for a washday detergent endorsement!  I received and am pleased to present this eyewitness account from RIKLblog correspondent Gloria, who was fortunate enough to see Il Papa in person. 

I was able to appear with other bystanders precisely at the SW corner of 72nd Street & Park Avenue. Therefore, when his motorcade drove by and slowed to make the right turn we were able to see him wave from the right side of the limo. I was in the perfect place, got a few photos, hope they come out.  He just waved, and waved, his little papal wave. It was really quite lovely, the young women in front of me were singing out: Benedetto, Benedetto <<clap, clap>> etc.

As far as the vestments go, yup... they were white, as best as you can tell through UV tinted windows...

Thank you, Gloria! 

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