14 April 2011
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Spot the Blue

An Important Sighting in the West

I attended, for the first time in more than a decade, the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas.  The show is over today, and the almost 100,000 attendees will start scattering to their home states and countries.  I scattered a bit early.  Needless to say, the show was interesting and may well have featured the next big thing, although it will probably not be recognized as such for a while.  I have my own guess, but I'll withhold it until I receive more information and, in the interim, deliver myself of some good news, viz:

There are (or at least were) Linzer tortes in Sedona, AZ!  Look!

Linzer tortes at New York Bagels & Deli, Sedona Arizona These lonesome specimens were found at the bizarrely named "New York Bagels & Deli."  Excellent sugar coverage, but a bit stale.  I tried one and returned the next day for another but they were sold out.  No more appeared before NAB.

Of course they are rated here.

New York Bagels and Deli, Sedona, Arizona

A New Airport Game

To go to NAB, one must first get to Las Vegas.  This involves flying in an airplane run by an airline, generically reviled by my "evil airline scum" softkey.  However Jet Blue committed none of the offenses of which I find airlines guilty, primarily because I didn't need to change my reservation.  They charge for "more legroom" but I'm too cheap to pay and somehow manage to fold, so that offense wasn't committed against me either.  Furthermore, in contrast to another recent experience, their personnel were cheerful and helpful, and the tiny bag of cookies supplied (free!) contained embedded chocolate chips.

Due to surprisingly light ground traffic, I arrived at the airport earlier than expected and took a seat facing the tarmac window.  A minute of observation at the Jet Blue terminal revealed that the vertical stabilizers of their aircraft were all painted fancifully and (most) differently.  How many could I spot before my flight?

N592JB N520JB N623JB N317JB
N323JB N206JB N621JB N510JB
N630JB N615JB N583JB N535JB
N239JB N558JB N649JB  
That many.  I guess I was waiting longer than I thought.  Too bad the tails aren't truly unique, e.g., 615 630, 623, and 621 appear almost identical.

Update 10 May 2011
N633JB N570JB N661JB


As has been mentioned before in this blog, I'm easily entertained.

Update 08 January 2012
N632JB N206JB N547JB


"Black Roses"
Clear Light




"Advacom Procurement Systems" sounds vaguely salacious.  At one point this was presumably a thriving enterprise, or at least one able to offer free T-shirts.  Their domain name is now for sale.

Advacom Procurement Systems T-Shirt
Richard Factor

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