11 April 2017
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The Eradication of Smallpox and Other Whimsy

Islands on the Trail

Yes, it's the Greater and Lesser Anthilles

Designer Rust

I found this herd of Javelina on the walk to the gym. This is a standard Sedona color. Houses, arts, railings, and, of course, many of the rocks.

I call it "designer rust" because the artists and craftspersons seem to take perfectly satisfactory, uncorroded metal and oxidize it for fun and profit.

Here's a real Javelina.

Word to Live By*

Compare and Contrast - Bubo Wine and the Chevy Nova

Walking through the aisles of the local Whole Foods, we came upon a large display of wine. I stopped in my tracks, took a photo, shook my head in disbelief, and took a couple more photos. I informed management, of course, who had blank stares, and emailed their customer feedback line, who duly replied with a "Thanks."

I asked about ten people, including adults my age, "What is wrong with this brand name?" Nobody had a clue.

Do you?





* Journalist Jimmy Breslin, recently deceased, wrote about the Son of Sam killer thus: "Berkowitz is the only murderer I ever heard of who knew how to use a semicolon." Perhaps Berkowitz wrote fortune cookies before he went to jail.

"Magic People"
The Paupers




I discovered Swensen's during a brief stop in Carmel, California. Had a cone or a cup, and forgot about them. Then I discovered that they opened a shop on the East Side of Manhattan, which was walking distance at the time. Almost competition for Serendipity!

And then they were gone.

Richard Factor

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