12 August 2007
SETI League
PriUPS Project

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Construction Begins

Sure.  Annual "Ice Cream Social."  Last year they smuggled a giant strawberry into the solar system behind a "smudge" in the ostensible postal system artifact.  Do YOU know anybody who went to this event?  Did you ever see them again?  I thought not.


Here we see the beginning of the plot.  Clearly the SETI Institute is in contact with advanced extraterrestrials planning to modify our solar system.  First they create a Klemperer rosette (only a portion of which is shown here) with the proper mass and composition.  Then the artifact at the left, one of manifestly ominous import, absorbs and extrudes the masses in a ring-like form.  Who knows what's hiding behind this year's smudge?  A pineapple ring?  A swarm of "sprinkles (jimmies)?"  Or, almost unthinkably, Von Neumann self-replicating fudge?  We humans don't have much time left.

NP:  "Scratching the Surface" - Jadis

Richard Factor

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