20 August 2007
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It's deep August, and the summer heat lies over the City.  The miasma of exhaust fumes, the exudations of the soggy people, the inspired lethargy of the uniformed, all indicia of this brief but significant gap in our otherwise fulfilling and busy lives...

At least that's how it seemed yesterday, during which I didn't write this blog.  In fact I saw no uniformed, I was nowhere near exhaust, and it was even too uncharacteristically cool for true sog to develop.  Nonetheless, I had a productivity slump.  Too many dead computers, not enough time.  Too much food, not enough exercise.  Too many comfortable furniture items, too many books.  Europe is out for the month.  So many people at work are "on vacation" that I'm involved in activities only faintly remembered from the past.  My resident fan of crossword puzzles, the one who usually peppers me with clue-questions, yesterday applied paprika instead, lightly and fitfully.  Neither was I terribly helpful; my gemological knowledge escaped me at a critical moment. 

I promised a friend that I would write a blogitem about how to make tea without lemon when he complained that my tea with lemon article wasn't very helpful to him.  I didn't get around to it.  Sorry.

Isn't "miasma" a great word?  I read it first in an A.E. Van Vogt novel called "The War Against the Rull."  And I just noticed that Pandora, which was playing "The Magic Roundabout" by IQ, styles itself "Pandora Radio" in its title bar.  They need a new word.  Internet "radio" isn't "radio."  And Pandora isn't "broadcasting."


NP:  "The Magic Roundabout" - IQ

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