14 Dec. 2006
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They're Gone

The Shrimp Platter - photo credit Steve Kawecki

For this year's office party we ordered two platters of shrimp parmigiana along with the usual chicken, salads, pasta, and crottled greeps.  I was fast enough to get a few shrimp on my first plate, but when time for seconds came around, all that was left was this brown crust under which no shrimp could possibly hide.  Even so, the combination of grease and crispy cheese in the crust hit the spot.  (The spot that it hit, sadly, was also the internal piping through which I've been told that my "blood" flows.) 

Stop whining.  It's true I promised no shrimp stories for a while, but:

  • I get to decide when the "while" is up

  • This wasn't much of a story.

And I still haven't reported on the salmon that I got in exchange for the fraudulent scallops.  Perhaps there's more seafood in my blog's future.

This Just In

A man-bites-dog CNN headline today! 

CNN Headline: Leahy wants FBI to help corrupt Iraqi police force

I was very surprised to see this one.  From what I've read about the Iraqi police and government, they could teach the FBI a thing or two about corruption, rather than requiring FBI assistance to improve their skills.

NP:  "Mistral Wind" - Heart (I'll 'splain why soon.)

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