26 Dec. 2006
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My Christmas Gift

Sadly, I didn't receive a toilet monster.  And even if I had, I think deploying it would have met with some disapproval.  No, this is a gift to myself, and it's one of sloth, with a frisson of disreputability.  Today, instead of laboriously creating an original, meticulously-researched and belletristic blogitem, I engage in:

  • Unabashed theft 

  • Toilet humor

  • Premeditated failure to be original

The unabashed theft is this:  The photos and idea are from Dave Barry's year-end gift guide.  (You may have to register to see it all.)  The toilet humor is un-Richardian yet obvious. 

I actually had my own vertical triptych planned for today, but one of the photos, experimentally taken with my new Motorola Q, was too poor even for this medium.  If the subject makes itself available again I shall post it later.

Among the generally excellent ideas in Dave Barry's gift guide was one I found to be of limited utility.  Really, who needs a "motorized ice cream cone?"  If you're capable of scooping, you're certainly capable of rotating! 

NP:  "From Black to Blue" - Yo La Tengo

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