07 December 2019
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Have I Stolen Your Idea?

Why Doesn't Autocrrect Beep?

I won't even bother picking a handful of embarrassing exemplars of the misguided emendations that various autocorrect programs perpetrate. Neither shall I bemoan either their apostrophic excess or insufficiency. If you're a terrible typist, inadequate grammarian, or random speller, they can be very helpful. None of the above and your prose often comes out mangled.

But, really, the paragraph heading says it all. Instead of silently "correcting" your writing, why not simply have your chosen text wrangler emit a tasteful beep when it decides you've made a mistake? Everything else beeps, why not autocorrect? I can even elaborate: If you confuse your yours and you'res, a special tone just for you might be appropriate. If you confuse desert (where I live) with dessert (on which I live), perhaps a sibilant hiss if it thinks your (beep) I mean you're wrong.

Refrigerated Suitcase

The more fancy the hotel, the less likely it will be to provide a small refrigerator for your water and leftsover (beep). Nope, check the rules for compounding—leftsover is or should be correct. How about a suitcase you can plug in to keep your dessert (but not desert) cool?

Big Screen Teevee Instead of Windows

Flat-screen teevees are literally cheaper than picture frames. In fact, Samsung was even offering the Frame TV at half off. Who needs windows with their continual need for cleaning when a few LCD displays can satisfy structural requirements and wanderlust at the same time?

Drone Batteries for Emergency Power

I have a DJI drone and a few batteries to go along with it. They seem to have a remarkably substantial energy content and are easily recharged. Why not have use them to power your otherwise battery-eating gadgets? Flashlights, phone chargers, car starters, emergency radios, etc.

Why not indeed?

Who Are You, You Two-Sided Face?

For the DIY crowd: Do you have a "business card"? Perhaps one left over from the '90s? Make a "personal card"—same size but with personal data—and laminate the business card and personal card back to back. Keep it in your wallet (if you have one left over from the oh-ohs) and when you need to share your info, hold it up under your face while your picture/mug shot is taken by your new contact.

Richard Factor


"Wild Mountain Thyme"

The Byrds




I actually still wear this shirt. I picked it up at a trade show in the late '90s, as I recall. The show was about internet stuff and video gaming back when there wasn't very much of either. I liked the shirt and it never occurred to me to look up the meaning of Brujo. Then, recently, and by accident, I saw the word "Bruija"—witch—in something I was reading. Made the connection instantly.

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