13 Feb. 2007
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A Foot of Partly Cloudy

A few days ago I was pleased to note that we have had no snow worth whining about all winter.  And, checking the long range forecast, it appeared that there was none in prospect for at least another ten days, its temporal limit.  Something happened.  I am now looking at the "hour by hour" forecast for today and Wednesday.  It seems that, more or less in order, we will be treated to:

  • Few snow showers

  • Snow shower

  • Snow/Wind

  • Wintry Mix/Wind

  • Freezing Rain

  • Freezing Rain/Wind

  • Rain/Wind

  • Few Showers

  • Heavy Snow/Wind

  • Snow Shower

This is quite the weather adventure.  It looks like, at least according to the earlier forecast, I'll be shoveling as much as a foot of partly cloudy from the driveway.  But!  I have an MP3 player, a snowblower that may or may not start this year, and easily enough chocolate to provide motive power to the shovel or guidance to the snowblower, so I'm not complaining. 

Q:  You're not complaining?
  Of course I am.  But we're not expecting 100 inches of snow, neither are there warnings of a serious ice storm or damaging winds, and I think it's unseemly to whine too much, considering that this is the first snow of the year.

Q:  How placid of you to take this in stride...
A:  Shut up!  I hate this, especially the freezing rain, which can damage my antennas.  Grrrr.

Q:  Grrrr?
A:  Yes.  With 4 r's, no more, no fewer.  One must calibrate his vexation.

Q:  Well, I hope it's at most a 4-r storm.  Good luck.
A:  No more so than I.  Thanks.

NP:  "Just Like the First Time" - Some Girls

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