16 Feb. 2007
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This Strange Internet

It was English astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington who observed that "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."  I hope that's not true.  I follow cosmology as closely as I can, and am not without hope that some day we will understand it.  I'm not so sanguine, however, about the internet. 

In August of last year, I reproduced a post of mine from another venue.  In it I used the phrase "aleatory obnubilation" and hinted that this might show up only once if searched for in Google.  I was right.  Briefly.  In the process of confirming that I hadn't already written about yesterday's valuable safety tip, I came across my old blogitem and, out of idle curiosity, did a Google search.

I found this at "mispel[sic].guidecentral.com"   Perhaps it is still there.

nausea and or vomiting in 2/5, obnubilation or cognitive impairment 2/5 and.splenomegaly, drowsiness, prostration, obnubilation, insomnia, Tuphos, bleeding.thunderstorm over Wellington or perhaps aleatory obnubilation in Hollywood.A number of years ago?almost enough?there was.Obnubilation: broad group of severe mental and behavioral disorders.Camões, Porto - Portugal {Oct.Diarrhoea, malaise, anorexia, myalgias, abdominal cramps, headaches,.Medical dictionary definition of Obnubilation as a medical term including.35mm pinhole handmade {Feb.Obnubilation refers to a clouded (confused) mental state.

provides an easy to understand definition for the medical term, obnubilation.Obnubilation: broad group of severe mental and behavioral disorders.Clown Résistant d'Intervention, Rubriques: 08/04/2006 : Journée d'obnubilation sur les OGM.Definition and other additional information on Obnubilation from Biology-Online.Aleatory Obnubilation.So Much Time To Call My Own.org/dictionary/Obnubilation".(KudoZ) French to English translation of obnubilations: clouding of.06 / Photo Friday / Permalink / Comment 2}.27 / Porto / Permalink / Comment 0}.

Medical dictionary definition of Obnubilation as a medical term including.Site en construction, Merci de votre comprehension.

"Merci de votre comprehension" indeed!

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