Energy - GOOD and BAD

May I mention climate change? I'll Keep it short and 100% politics-free!

So short, in fact, that I'll just link to what I wrote to Joe a couple of years ago...

May I mention carbon dioxide?

We will never get rid of sources. Well, unless we stop breathing. Likewise methane, unless we stop eating meat.

What about from internal-combustion engines? Cars, trucks, airplanes...

Maybe for cars and trucks. Maybe hydrogen for airplanes.

Where Does Our Energy Come From?

BAD! Chemistry, which generally produces greenhouse gases—See above.

GOOD! Uranium fission reactors, which only produce nuclear waste in small volumes—(mostly a political problem)

ALSO GOOD! Geothermal power, which comes from radioactive decay and gravity.

BEST! Nuclear fusion reactors, one of which already gives us Solar and Wind and Hydroelectric power, all "renewable."

Since it's almost ALL Fission and Fusion (yes, even including chemistry), let's explore the differences.