05 Jan. 2008
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If you noticed that the PriUPS site was off-line for much of the day, it was because I migrated my blog to a new server and ISP.  Instead of doing New Year's stuff I spent a grueling couple of days manually changing hyperlinks and hefting IP addresses and DNS records.  Fun!  I think I've done everything right and the change should be transparent, with all the links working, including those to the newly consolidated podcasts.  You can help!  Please let me know if you find anything that doesn't seem to be working correctly.

Tom Wolfe Switches Publishers

This tiny quote in the Wall Street Journal tickled me.  In an article explaining that Wolfe left his long-time publisher because of a dispute over his advance,

Mr. Wolfe said of his departure:  "It was friendly.  They successfully contained their dismay, if any."

Not in the same league, but I have little doubt that the ISP that used to host my web site will have a similar reaction to my departure.

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