21 Jan 2013
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Perhaps I am being slightly non-PC, but I occasionally assert that many people from Eastern European countries with badly transliterated names are suffering from a vowel deficiency.  The alleged ringleader of the recent terrorist attacks in Algeria, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, sports the nom de guerre "Laaouar," which means (they say) "The One-Eyed."  I have never seen a word or even a name with that many vowels in row.  A modest suggestion, offered with the hope that he won't be needing them much longer:  Why not donate them to the vowel-deprived of Poland and Serbia?
Is "sequoia" the only English word with all the vowels?
That's pretty much it for vowels.  Short blog today!

Follow-up 03 March 2013

According to news reports today, those vowels are now available for re-use.

"Bad Night at the Whiskey"
The Byrds




A Change of Hobbit was a "bookstore"

I was there.  I bought this shirt.  I bought books.  The store is gone.  Its owner was still around in 2009 and, one hopes, remains thus.

(And, reading her web site, she is an apostrophe goddess just as my friend Bill is an apostrophe god.)

A Change Of Hobbit bookstore T-shirt
Richard Factor

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