04 July 2007
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Extracted From a Long iPhone Review

While waiting for guests to show up, I happened to read this iPhone review.  A brief paragraph caught my eye:

It's important to note that the iPhone is little more than an expensive paperweight until it's activated. You can make emergency calls, but you can't use any other functions, including the iPod music player. What's worse, if you cancel your AT&T contract, the iPhone becomes a paperweight again.

I don't think the euphoria over this product is going to last.

4th of July Spam

On another sad note, the spammers have been doing a remarkably "professional" job this holiday.  Every other email (to the tune of hundreds already) is some variation of either "Happy Birthday America" or "Your (Friend | Relative | Partner) has sent you a greeting card.  Most are grammatical, and all links lead, undoubtedly, to nothing good.

Be careful out there!  Fireworks are a hazard, too, but at least explosions are colorful, fun, and won't corrupt your hard drive unless they're very carefully placed.


Happy Birthday America, with nothing to click on.

Follow Up 06 July 2007

Already the "hackers" have come up with numerous ways to "activate" the iPhone without an ATT account.  There seems to be some indignation and outrage over the bizarre necessity for doing so, but at least so far the "isn't this neat" faction is outweighing the "I shouldn't have to do this" faction.

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