31 July 2007
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Turkeys and Bright Yellow Fungi

Not to Mention "The Tendril Trap"

Every once in a while I give a blogitem a literal title.  Despite your very reasonable expectations after reading the title above, this is one of those items.


Foraging turkeys of the large and small persuasion

This photo was taken through the window, as the turkeys were much too skittish to remain in place when I went outside to get a better picture.  Days earlier the little ones were only half the size they are in this picture.  Mysteriously, they seem to be tended by three big turkeys rather than by two or four.  One of each?  I know very little about turkeys.

Bright Yellow Fungi

Taken with the cellphone camera while on a walk, hence not very good pictures, I nonetheless present these bright yellow fungi.  Perhaps you know what they are.  I know even less about fungi than I do about turkeys.  I'm pretty sure they are fungi because they appeared "overnight."  If they were trees (like the trees) I think it would have taken a lot longer.

Mystery bright yellow fungi


Mystery bright yellow fungi closeup.
A fungal closeup.  Any clues?

If it isn't clear, these are really, really yellow.  If they grew in the middle of the road I think there would be fewer accidents.

Digging a Hole

If today were "Think Like a Richard Quiz(TM)" day, I could ask:  "What has been my total contribution to the garden and landscape that is otherwise the responsibility of my talented and dedicated housemate?"  To which you would respond with five points at stake:  "You dug a hole."

Help!  I'm trapped in a wisterium! Correct.  And in it she planted a "wisteria."  It grew.  And grew some more.  Now whenever I walk by I get caught in a tendril trap.

Enough Nature for July?  I think so too.  Nibbling at the mulch pile continues apace.

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