25 June 2009
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Let's Do The Time Sink Again

I've been a lax blogger recently.  Not because of missing subjects, but rather excess life.  We have the concept of "time sink," which I just now discovered in Wikipedia is a single word, complete with nerdish derivation:

A timesink is a term used to describe activities that consume significant time. A variant of this term is "time drain." Although it is unknown when the term was coined, it makes an analogy with `heat sink'.

If you had watched me this month, you would have seen I spent a lot of time circling the time sink's drain. 

Even While Circling the Drain...

I had my cellphone camera with me, while being mocked by the helium wasters.


EBay In Times Square

Part of the circling occurred in New York City, a wonderful place to walk even if the occasional construction site has a grit dispenser.  One particular bucket loader operator felt that pedestrians could help remove construction debris if only he spread it on their bodies.

EBay was holding a "Price Is Right" kind of show, with billboard to match.  It was right along my path, so I stopped by and planned to win whatever they were giving away.  It seems they weren't standing around waiting for me to show up.  There was a queue. 

I didn't win anything:  I'm not a line kind of guy.  But Times Square sure is electric!  Whole sides of buildings are bright screens now.  And the area has been converted to a pedestrian mall.  I had read about this and decided it would be a nightmare to attempt to negotiate the area in a car.  But walking through it during heavy traffic hours my observation is that it's not much worse (if at all) than usual.  In fact, midtown traffic seemed a bit light for the two standard weekdays I wandered.

Is That It For Now?


"Take a Look Around"
The James Gang




Souvenir from the AEA (Aircraft Electronics Association) convention of 1995.  That "spirit" comes and goes.  I guess it was in need of revival in '95, but I honestly don't remember why.

Richard Factor

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