13 June 2017
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Vibrant, Curious, and Original

Did You Know That Some Hotels are "Hip"?

I actually did. I've read about them, and can even name one from memory. The "W" hotel. Easy name. Apparently hip hotels have hip bars, dimly lighted halls, and hip customers, or as they call them in the hotel biz, "guests." It would never occur to me to actually stay in one, but it happened nonetheless. We took a short trip to San Diego last week, and the hotel at which we occasionally stay was full except for an extravagant suite, and the backup was just plain full. Searching for an alternative, the Indigo Hotel presented itself, at least on the internet, as a viable, non-extravagant, not full, hotel. Who knew about its "art and science..."?

Go ahead-read it. Note especially the description of the hotel staff. Yes, they are vibrant, curious, and original. (Don't believe me? Just click on the photo.)

Fortunately they don't put this description on the hotel web site. I would think very hard about staying anywhere with vibrant staff, and reject with extreme prejudice their curiosity. (Original is OK. We're all original, are we not?)

All that being said, it's a good and conveniently located hotel. The staff, inter the touted alia, were very nice, competent, and congenial. And hip.


Garbage Day in Rancho Bernardo

A Linzer Disappointment

Right down the street from the Garbage Day in Rancho Bernardo photograph was a bakery. Not just any bakery, but one that has Linzer tortes! And not just a generic bakery that sells random cookies, bagels, and oh yes - a cup of coffee, but a real bakery, with delicate pastries and even a promising name.

It's the Edelweiss Bakery (Since 1967)!

With a name like that, you'd expect great Linzer tortes. You'd be disappointed. They were fresh and had an adequate coating of powdered sugar. But, alas, insufficient jellification and the actual cookie portion was very pedestrian. I consumed my one exemplar and didn't return.

A Dessert Miracle! (Yes, it Incorporates Bananas)

Engulfed in flame, albeit briefly, is a confection described as a "sugar cake." There's also ice cream and whipped cream.

This confection is a product of the Eddie V restaurant in the San Diego Harbor district. It it terminally yummy, and responsible for a somewhat abstemious selection of sides and appetizers. There's no point having dinner at Eddie V without leaving "room" for dessert.

A Baseball Miracle!

San Diego has a major league baseball team called The Padres. We attended a game on Friday the 9th of June against the Kansas City Royals.

The Padres have a player named Szczur. How many Padres does it take to change a pitcher? The Padres WON!

Another Retirement Strategy Shot to Hell

So much for socking away money!

This sign/sticker was on the counter of a gas station in the Arizona desert west of Yuma, near the Mexican border, where Mr. Prius had a snack.

Pretty much any moisture in that area could well be considered questionable.


"Black Magic Woman"
Fleetwood Mac




It would seem that sometime in 2005 I attended, or perhaps was consumed by, "The Gates" in Central Park, NYC. This is a giant art created by the late Christo, famous for committing enormous cloth drapings. His projects have amazing scale; I'm sure he would do whole planets if it were possible.

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