08 June 2018
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A Few Safety Tips

Avoiding the Tendency to Die and other Suggestions

I don't want my millireaders damaged in any major way, so I've accumulated a few safety tips from various sources and would like to "share" them.

Let's start with a potential big one about small stuff. I tend to disregard everyday annoyances unless, of course, they're my everyday annoyances. I used to make myself crazy about junk faxes. I eventually decided in a New Year's resolution to stop doing that.

As an "older" man obsessing about that everyday annoyance, I would have tended to die sooner. '

I am hopeful that I no longer have the tendency to die sooner. If you are an older man, take this one to heart, or whatever organ about which you may be concerned.

I was going to save this letter by Rob Cook in the Wall Street Journal for one of my aperiodic rants against poor design. In effect, Mr. Cook almost saved me from writing my own blog on the subject of oxygen masks, since we were thinking along the same lines. And he still may. I just hate stupid design decisions that cost nothing to not have made.

But, for now, it's just a safety tip. Look up "useful time of consciousness" in relation to high altitude explosive depressurization. They tell you to put your own mask on first before helping anyone because after just a very few seconds at 30-40,000 feet you won't be able to help anyone else.

Yes, I know you can hold your breath for a minute or two, but it's not quite the same. It's not even a little the same.

Cook is absolutely right about the design; and I am absolutely right about emphasizing it. Presumably you read this voluntarily and might pay attention. When was the last time you paid attention to a cabin announcement?

When I go out to pick up the mail on a very sunny day without any shoes, I have found that walking on the white fog line often prevents overheating the bottom of my feet. It can be very painful if I don't step lively.

I know, you don't think this will happen to you. But then nobody expects explosive decompression, either.


Got Me on Two Counts

Although I never threw away my socks, I did buy all one kind, and evangelized the concept and benefits. As far as bananas are concerned, well, enough said.

XKCD.com is a great web comic!

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You can't smoke a Tapco. A Tapco is a recording console. You can't smoke, i.e., destroy, it. Even though on the T-shirt it looks like maybe you can.

Get it?

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