11 June 2019
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Bat Signal, Eh?

Remember Vasehenge?

Another trick of the sun...

Bat Signal, Eh?

I looked up at the ceiling and saw this. Is someone calling the Canadian Batman for an emergency in Sedona? It took a few moments to see that the morning sun was reflecting off a bowl on a table.


I was going to let you guess how that occurred; now the suspense is ruined.

Drifting Off Into the Memory

I was hiking on a trail yesterday,* earbuds installed and music playing. I was listening to Joni Mitchell's Harry's House-Centerpiece from the Hissing of Summer Lawns album. I was fairly certain nobody was within earshot and was singing along. "Baby You're My Centipede**" came out loud and clear, but at the last verse, I suddenly shut up and was smitten by nostalgia. Although I listen to this album and song fairly frequently, this time my alleged mind was cast back to the time and occasion when I first had it...

I had a newish portable cassette player which held a recording of Hissing of Summer Lawns and other Joni music in my pocket. I walked across town from my place of striving to Bloomingdale's, a distance of perhaps mile, singing as I galumphed. (It's OK to sing in the streets of New York City; in Sedona one is protected by anonymity, in NYC people assume you're dangerous and avoid you.) Harry's House was playing as I neared Bloomingdale's, and I didn't have to look far for the skinny black models in raving curls. I probably waited outside the chocolate shop until the song finished, made my purchase, and contemplatively, returned to work, musically satisfied and chocolatically renewed.

Snapping back to the present, I thought how differently life has turned out. The first time, it never occurred to me that I'd live anywhere but New York City, that Bloomingdale's would never deprecate the ground-floor chocolate shop, and less than a decade later, I would be residing in suburban New Jersey. And half a lifetime after that, I would find myself in Sedona Arizona, of which I had never heard back in Harry's House days.

* I was initially reluctant to dignify my activity by characterizing it as "hiking." It's really walking, albeit in the boskage rather than on a man-made surface. But, as with rocks and boulders, there is a definition of both activities, and hiking refers to the setting rather than the difficulty of the perambulation in question. So, even though I was simply walking to the food store to procure "ingredients" it was a legitimate "hike." Am I a Nature Boy or what?

** Yes, I am repeating myself a tiny bit.

Richard Factor


"(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen"

Small Faces




When we were deeply involved in avionics, somebody else always got to go to Oshkosh, the biggest general aviation event of the year.

And they would bring me back a T-shirt. If they remembered. This one was from 2004

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