22 March 2011
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Potassium Iodide Update

Important Update on Potassium Iodide

"Yesterday" I didn't warn about the perils of "expired" potassium iodide tablets.  But as the Japanese nuclear crisis remains unresolved and people in the U.S. continue panic purchases of this protective drug, the counterfeiters seem to be at work.  An article cautions us to "Beware of 'fake' potassium iodide: FDA."  While I don't discount the ingenuity of counterfeiters, making fake KI tablets from something else makes as much sense as counterfeiting nickels by adulterating them with maybe chromium or copper.   Why bother?  If you buy bulk potassium chloride from a chemical supply house, one of the most expensive ways to get it, you're still only paying about 1/10 of a penny per dose. 

I understand that the FDA is planning to regulate table salt soon, and plans are in the offing to require government approval for tap water in 10, 25, and 50 gram servings.  Beyond that, you'll need a license to even have any in the home. 

An Impostor Sighting

Three practical pens, not a nerd at all Totally unposed, an on-the-hoof sighting.  Of course I asked when and where she acceded to her Third Pen but it turns out that she has no claim to advanced nerddom.  Did you know that pens can actually be used for "writing"?  One of them, she asserted, is "freezer proof."


And While I'm Downloading Pictures from the Cellphone...

The iPoint:  A "pencil" sharpener Also usable for writing: the "pencil."  This electric pencil sharpener has

  • Titanium Bonded Blades
  • Auto Sensor Shut Off
  • EZ-view Shavings Reservoir

Braving the almost inevitable lawsuit from Apple who has claimed the letter "i," Westcott has Reinvented Style and Design!

If I had one of these, I'd buy a pencil just so I could watch the EZ-view Shavings Reservoir fill up.

ZapZyt:  New package, same great formula Sometimes the simplest names say it all.


Not just any balloons.  These are "helium quality." Hydrogen quality would be even better, but you take what you can get.
Lionel train transformer of recent manufacture Apparently they still make these in a slightly more modern and much more plastic case.  Some day I'll relate how much mischief can be (was) committed by a certain young nerd-in-training with just a Lionel train transformer, some wire, and common household objects.

"Forty Thousand Headmen"




"If you have to ask..."

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