30 March 2012
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Last month I went to the drugstore to purchase a cold medicine.  The pharmacist recommended the Walgreen version of "Sudafed," and I, with unusual economy of speech, replied "Gimme."

Not So Fast!

It seems that the active ingredient, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, can be used to manufacture the dangerous and addictive drug methamphetamine ("meth"), and with 30 milligrams in each tablet of a box containing many tablets, I might be able to extract a good fraction of a gram.  Fortunately, the pharmacist must have decided I didn't look too suspicious, and so only needed to make a copy of my driver's license and log the purchase before sending me on my way.

This related news story was reported at about the same time, much too soon to suspect me of contributing my precursor gram-fraction.

Mexico Meth Bust: Army Finds 15 Tons Of Pure Methamphetamine

GUADALAJARA, Mexico -- The historic seizure of 15 tons of pure methamphetamine in western Mexico, equal to half of all meth seizures worldwide in 2009, feeds growing speculation that the country could become a world platform for meth production, not just a supplier to the United States.

I can't help wondering how many log book pages and driver's license copies were made in the service of that seizure.

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History!  This is the SP2016, one of the first electronic reverb units that sounded good.  Not to keep you in suspense, here's the back of the T-shirt.

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