10 March 2022
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Random Pix Catchup

The Best Camera is the One You Have With You

Very true. Unfortunately I always have one with me. Unlike the days of film and the cost of "development," there's no escaping the compulsion to click away. As you will clearly discover below, no subject is too trivial to capture with this undisciplined freedom.

Found While Pretending to Clean Up:

1n 1973, this medal was struck commemorating the invention of the transistor by William Shockley, Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen, all working at Bell Laboratories. They are all life-free, as is, sad to say, Bell Laboratories. Also life-free is Schweber, both Seymour and the electronic distributor he founded, which company gave away this medal almost 50 years ago. I found it while pretending to clean up a storage area. You can also find one at the Computer History Museum, which characterizes it as an "artifact."


Can you guess the Featured Condiment?

There's a clue n the photo!

Another clue.... "Lower sodium"

Give up?



Click here!


Maintaining our temporary cylindrical theme, here are containers of "juce," a "SUPER FRUIT & VEGGIE VITAMIN BLEND." I was sensitized to the product and the fanciful spelling because our software developers also use a product called JUCE, which is "The leading framework for multi-platform audio applications."

I have no idea if JUCE the software is organic or comes in "garden berry" but I imagine that it offers more than 30 servings.

More is Less

Here we display between paws and sneakers the latest compendium of New Jersey* "Job Safety and Health IT'S THE LAW." Returning to a rectangular theme, apparently this poster is required to be displayed prominently where it can be seen and read by the employees.

"Can be" is probably the operative term. "Has been" I'm not so sure,



* Official motto: More Laws, Less Legibility.


Did You Know There Was a Psychedelic Band Named My Indole Ring?

Now that we have a dog (see below) I find myself mysteriously somewhat less squeamish about this sort of subject. But only somewhat.

I Suspect This is an Imported Compressor.

A company whose brand manager is a native speaker of English is unlikely to name a product "Slime."

Well, unless it actually is slime.

...<RESEARCH> Wrong, Richard. wrong! </RESEARCH>

Sillime—almost an anagram of Slime. Apparently the compressor is a brand extension product of their real slime.


Tortas de Fuego and The Horizontal Snowperson

Sedona is not the best habitat for this forlorn creature. Neither I suppose, is Mexico.

The Demon Puppy

Speaking of dog, I caught Winston the Puppy in an unguarded moment. I assured him I destroyed this photo; hope he doesn't see it and punish me.

A Million Years From Top to Bottom!

Just a guess, but looking at the horizontal striations on this rock in front of a neighbor's house, I guessed that Someone worked for about a million years to assemble this.

Just a chip off the 500-million-year-old blocks surrounding the neighborhood!




Richard Factor


"Wild Thyme"

Jefferson Airplane



Sartorius makes precision scales. The legend cleverly proclaims "The weigh of the world." They do biology and chemistry, but not, so far as I know, bathroom scales. I could probably determine my weight in micrograms with their products.

I think I got it a few years ago from someone who works there. It can't have been too long because it still fits.

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