10 May 2008
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Nature in Peril

(Don't get excited by the title.  It's just one nature, not all of it.)

As I was out a-walking, what should I espy?  A turtle in the middle of the road!

Turtle in the middle of the road

You people of the driving persuasion will recognize that as an especially hazardous location for small, slow reptiles.  Turtle sightings are relatively rare around heremaybe one every year or so.  Those I usually see are of the conveniently hand-held size, although many years ago I saw an enormous oneso large it stopped traffic.  (That's a bit of an exaggeration.  One car had stopped for it, and I stopped behind it.)  Its shell was scalloped by the depredations of age and it looked like it weighed as much as an average human.  You'll have to take my word for it as there was no such thing as a cellphone camera at the time.

But as for this turtle:  Seeing its peril, I photographed it, picked it up, and placed it by the side of the road in the bushes.  Hopefully it will find its way to wherever turtles thrive. 

Thank You For Your Concern

Yes, I have read about the dread diseases one can get from handling turtles.  I took care not to lick my hand until I was able to wash it (the hand, that is).

Speaking of Nature 

Audobon Society "Importand Bird Area" sign One would not unreasonably expect to observe, when going to visit a nature preserve administered by the Audubon society, birds.  The sign at left pretty strongly implies same, although it isn't clear if the "important" modifies "bird" or "area."

One did observe a few humans with binoculars and telescopes and portable chairs sitting in an area with a sign implying the presence of hawks.

Birds are either shy or illiterate.  I see more birds every minute at the bird feeder outside my window than I did during my entire visit to this important bird area.

NP:  "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" - Susan Cowsill

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