31 May 2008
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For Sale: 1990 Corvette ZR1

Click on any photo for a larger version

Full car view from passenger side front.
Full car view from driver side rear.
View of interior from passenger side.
Interior view from open hatchback.
Another interior view.
Here is a close up of the damage to the passenger seat upholstery.  (The seat itself is functional.) 
Left rear tire.  I was hoping the photo would show the tire brand, but it doesn't have enough contrast, so I'll take a look and add the info.
View of interior from outside driver's door.
The mighty ZR1 LT1 hi-tech engine, right-side view.
The mighty ZR1 LT1 hi-tech engine, this time from the left.
How we know it's a ZR1
Sorry for the terrible picture. This is the "FULL ENGINE POWER" light you see when the "valet key" is turned to the right.  With it off, the engine power is restricted.  (Click to see the full display panel, although it's otherwise blank.)
Response to eBay Question:

The antennas are mounted to the light bar with double-sided Velcro tape.  The wires enter the car with no chafing or damage.

This is the cellphone installation.  The speaker and the phone cradle stalk are screwed in.  However it's in an area covered with cloth, so I think when removed the screw holes will be covered and invisible.
Richard Factor