25 May 2010
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I Have A Little List

Well, two little lists.  They are lists of songs.  Love songs and name songs.  The inspiration for this blogitem came from the IDDiot's Delight Digest, which began as a way for fans of the New York City DJ Vin Scelsa to meet online, and has morphed into more of a music, movie, and pop culture discussion group.  At one point in its history, members were challenged to post "mixes," really groups of songs related in some idiosyncratic way, on a special web site.  I never got around to it, but I did make a couple of lists.  The challenge is long over, the web site is long gone.  But I still have my lists.  And if you think I'm just going to eschew posting them just because they're old, poorly thought out, and not even close to comprehensive, you haven't been reading this blog for the last few years.

Love Songs (More or Less) Involving (Usually) Somewhat Unusual Women

13th Floor Elevators: She Lives in a Time of Her Own
Jefferson Starship: The Light
Marillion: Enlightened and You're Gone
Tom Lehrer: She's My Girl
Art in America: Won't It Be Strange
Association: Windy
Chilliwack: Lonesome Mary
World Entertainment War: Pagan Jake's Dream Girl
The Collectors: She
Heart: Bebe LeStrange
Humble Pie: Thunderbox and A Nifty Little Number Like You
Ides of March: Tie Die Princess
Jefferson Airplane: Martha
Love: Comes in Colors and Softly to Me
Monkees: Star Collector and Love Is Only Sleeping
Nice: Little Arabella
Paupers: My Love Hides From Your View
Gene Clark: The World Turns Around Her
Steve Gillette: You Don't Know Her Like I Do

Name songs

Association: You Hear Me Call Your Name
Chris Flynn: Someone Called My Name
Renaissance: Can You Hear Me
October Project: Return to Me
Heart - Fallen Ones
Lindsay Buckingham: Go Insane
Paupers:  If I Call You By Name
Simple minds - Don't You Forget About Me
Ambrosia: Cryin in the Rain

Bonus Microlist:  Richard Songs

Sandy Denny: I Don't Know Where I Stand
Joni Mitchell: The Last Time I Saw Richard

I'm Curious

Does anyone recognize as many as half of them?

"Softly To Me"





I had to look it up.  Wikipedia again.  I sure hope those drive manufacturers pay attention to the letters!

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