24 May 2017
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Exploding Banana Math, Gene Clark

Scoring a Banana, Part II

"Yesterday" we learned how to score a banana to make it easier to peel. Today, we learn how to score a banana for free. It's really simple: Move to Seattle, Washington, and read this story that appeared in today's Wall Street Journal A-Hed column.

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Free bananas pose a problem for another RIKLblog entry, however. Three "yesterdays" ago, in discussing bananomics, I calculated the ratio of the most to the least expensive banana, and found a 43 to 1 range. Of course with free bananas, one must divide by 0, which makes the resulting ratio undefined. Curse you, Amazon!

Gene Clark

He was my favorite Byrd. He created some stunning albums, and wrote some remarkable lyrics. He died 19 years ago today. Curse you, the System.

* Banana joke: Of COURSE I can spell banana. I just don't know when to stop.

"Keeper of the Keys"
H.P. Lovecraft




This is a T-shirt touting Microsoft Server 2003. I have no idea when or where I got it, but I'm sure it's off support, just like its namesake server that was recently infected by ransomware.

Richard Factor

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