23 Nov. 2007
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And the Winner Isn't...

Is it a surprise to find that I'm a "Dilbert" fan?  Probably not; I relate to his world all too well, and you probably do, too.  I also enjoy Scott Adams' other writing, although not fanatically enough to actually purchase his books.  There is easily enough of his material on the internet to keep me busy, since he reads well in small doses.  One day I dropped by his blog and discovered that he was running a contest.  There were two prizes:  An autographed original Dilbert strip (grand prize) and a copy of his Adams' new book (prizes 1 through 25).

Interestingly, this was a contest of "skill," rather than a "sweepstakes" in which a winner is drawn at random.  The challenge was to write a blurb for the new book without, of course, having read it.  (I ran a contest like that once.  The prize was a piece of equipment that you needed to use to win the prize.)  Write a blurb?  Help Scott sell his books (to others)?  How could I resist!  Of course I wanted to win the framed original.  If I had been permitted a selection, it would have been the one from many years ago in which Dilbert is on a date and questions her about whether he should get his ham license.  She replies "Look at my arm.  Goosebumps!"  If only such females existed in "real life"! 

Did I win the original framed Dilbert strip?  No.

Did I win a runner up prize?  Yes I did - #3.  Not quite the same as getting currency in the mail, but a book, especially one this (presumably) entertaining is a good substitute.  Quite a few of the blurbs in the winner's list were really funny.  (A few I regard as just plain stupid.)  I never reproduce actual Dilbert strips here because my new buddy Scott Adams might not like it.  But I think I can get away with a small segment of his blog.

Excerpt from Dilbert Blog showing first few blurb contest winners.

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