30 November 2019
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Mr. Drone has an Adventure

When It Snows In Sedona,

the snow melts before noon. That's what the real estate agent promised us when we were househunting. It's been largely but not entirely true. Last winter there was a snow storm worthy of New Jersey. So far this not-yet-quite-winter, there was an early snow storm on the day after Thanksgiving. The next day, I decided to give Mr. Drone a workout, and after spending hours updating the old Android phone I use as part of the controller, I sent him into the clouds.*

He came back with the photo below.

Well, actually he came back with a much larger version.

And Mr. Drone had a lovely day, thank you.

* "Clouds" was hyperbole. He resolutely remained under 400 feet AGL and my drone license remains unjeopardized.

Richard Factor


"Act 1"

Ford Theatre




The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas shirt probably came to me courtesy of a manager at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City.

I've never been to the one in Las Vegas.

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