17 November 2020
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Did I or Didn't I?

Back in February I Wrote About My Case of Covid 19

I believed then and half believe* now that I had a very early case of the virus. I should probably apologize for making it seem less severe that it has turned out to be. The world was very ignorant then, and remains somewhat ignorant now, even with more than a half-year of dealing with Covid 19 since my putative experience. I'm revisiting it in light of current developments, which, pun intended, are not enlightening at all. Here's another timeline.

13 January 2020 - I believe for a number of reasons I had a mild case of Covid 19
18 January 2020 - I have fully recovered (at least I think I have!)
April 2020 - Finally able to take serology test to check for antibodies with negative result

So: A reasonable opportunity to catch the virus, symptoms consistent with it, but no concrete medical evidence. What's an ex-sufferer to do? After getting and getting over Covid 19, may I please have my normal life back? Well, no. In addition to not being sure, it's also not clear how long one remains immune even if it's a verified case. And I owe it to my conspecifics to respect their concerns.

I should mention and emphasize that if any of this sounds like I'm complaining, please ignore it. As an American, I'm entitled to complain about anything and everything, and often do. But the virus-related strictures visited upon us, two alleged adults living in one household without the benefit of having to deal with home schooling, ancient relatives, or crowded, city-like conditions, are pretty benign. I wear a mask while shopping and avoid breathing too much around strangers outdoors. Not an enormous sacrifice. Being elderly, we've decided to eschew indoor activities, especially the gym. (This is more of a sacrifice for the gym than for us. I converted a storage area into an exercise area and even learned carpentry skills along the way. My new motto: If you need a wall, give me a call.**)

As of this writing, accurately dated for once, it appears that it will be all over in a few months when the apparently very effective vaccines are rolled out for most of the world. Have I been wrong before? Yes, I have.

So Back to Electricity and Whimsy?

I surely hope so!

  • The Tesla vehicle has undergone several software upgrades since I made a number of suggestions. My record of having my suggestions ignored remains unbroken.
  • Consonant with my H TO HE license plate, I have been attempting to have additional solar power capacity installed to allow house and car to be off-grid if desired. It's taking longer than expected. I don't have time for a saga right now.
  • If I did, it would include more batteries and a generator.
  • The boon/problem with electric cars? Let's say you've just gotten home from your crime spree. You're suspected by the wily detective. He comes by and puts his hand on your hood (or frunk) and finds it positively cucumbric. You're no longer a suspect!
  • Remember my Party Parser to Prevent Prosopagnosia? How about adding an array microphone connected to a voice-to-text translator to add subtitles when someone talks to you? If subtitles are helpful for movies and television programs, why not for Real Life? Why not indeed?

Winn Update

I mentioned to a correspondent recently that I am in my early dotage. I'm entitled to not remember if I ever mentioned this: My blogitems about the John H. Winn Chemical Company have elicited more comments and reminiscences than almost any other subject. In the linked blogitem, I speculated idly but with good chronological cause that the proprietor was no longer extant. Well guess what! (No, nothing involving suspended animation. That's what happens when Looney Tunes has a strike.)

Can't guess? I sustained an email from Winn's great-granddaughter! Her email, in its entirety, follows, as do the photos she sent. We think they're from the 1950s.

When reviewing some old family paperwork, I found the attached article and photo of John H Winn, 124 West 23rd St, New York NY.  It speaks of the chemicals that you referenced in your old blog post, "False Chemistry Memory?"

Thank you for posting the above article (and it's update with photo of book).  My brother and I knew nothing about this history.

From the great-granddaughter of John H. Winn,

Pretty neat, eh?

* Really "half believe." I think the odds are about 50-50.

** My actual motto: If you need a wall, call a real contractor. Building walls takes time and is work!

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Sandra Boynton is my favorite chocolate cartoonist. This is her second appearance on ToTD. The first led me to her quirky bio. I'm a big Sandra Boynton fan.

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