03 Oct. 2006
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"Think Like A Richard" Quiz

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, which I missed celebrating here, today is Think Like a Richard Day.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may feel as if you already know me.  The main reason for this is that you probably DO already know me.  I don't think anyone other than my friends has ever seen it.  Even so, there are Richard aspects that have only been revealed in the blog, and I thought this would be a good time for a review, so it's your turn to do some work.  Instead of my writing a blog today, I'm going to perch in the neck of your CRT and watch while you take this quiz.  If you've memorized every one of my blog items, you should have little trouble getting a good grade.  I hope you've been paying attention!

Multiple Choice Questions:

A: Irony
B: Sarcasm

What is Richard's favorite brand of beer?
A: Coors
B: Rheingold
C: Guinness
D: Budweiser

What is most likely to happen first:
A: Pigs flying
B: Cats grouting
C: Poohs pooing

CNN is:
A: Inveterately innumerate
B: Obviously obdurate
C: Inextricably intertwined
D: Ineffably inscrutable

What is the correct spelling of "Pfft"
A: Pfft
B: Phfft
C: Pffftt
D: All of the above

In the Enron Trial, Ken Lay's sentence might have been determined in part by whether he giggled, cackled, chuckled, or guffawed when told of the "Raptor" plan.  Which did he do, and which would have given him the longest sentence?
A:  Giggled, chuckled
B:  Cackled, giggled
C:  Guffawed, giggled
D:  Giggled, cackled

Which of the following is most likely to cause your offspring to grow wings?
A:  Receive your salary in currency from Kazakhstan
B:  Use an electric blanket
C:  Employ microwave heating for your home
D:  Heat your swimming pool with nuclear waste

I have undertaken the PriUPS project to solve which crucial problem?
A:  Ameliorate terrorist threats
B:  Prevent damage to the electric grid
C:  Prevent my ice cream from melting
D:  I needed to justify my third pen

If a vendor introduced a combination cell phone, MP3 player, and decent camera, what would I do?
A:  Immediately purchase it in a spasm of zeal
B:  Denounce the vendor in a rit of fealous jage
C:  Find some reason to whine about it

What is my record morning spam a lot?
A: 100
B: 200
C: 500
D: 1000

True or False:
If you already had a VERLORT, you would you still need a LIDAR

Essay Question:

Math Problems:

1: If you make your sandwiches without bread, how long will it take for you to disappear?

2: How many barrels of oil per year will be saved when the YOP and STOLD signs are widely adopted?

Chemistry Problem:  

If you have potassium permanganate stains on your bathmat, what common chemical can be used to remove them?  What should you avoid doing after removing the stains?

Physics problem:

How does the neutron absorption cross-section of transuranic element Nobelium compare with that of the element Salubrium? 

This is an open-blog quiz.  We'll have the answers and a discussion period on Friday.  Tomorrow:  A surprise! 

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