19 Oct. 2006
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You will recall that a month or so ago I wrote an eBay "guide" for buying Uninterruptible Power Supplies.  I had several reasons for this:  The UPS is a big part of the PriUPS project and I thought more info would be helpful.  Also, eBay was running a "contest" of which the guide was a part.  Rarely one to deliberately create excessive work for myself, I decided to share that guide on my blog.

Here we have the fruits of yet another eBay guide.  But because it is somewhat lengthier and more technical, and few of you think you have any use for a spectrum analyzer, today we eschew text and present a glorious panorama of spectral pulchritude!  Is there a tron among you whose liver isn't energized by the computation and display capabilities arrayed below?

Exactly!  And, a RIKLBLOG Bonus!  EBay, invoking their ineffable rules, decided that only ten pictures were allowed in each guide.  Of course one only discovers this after submitting it, thus requiring deletion after creation, but I embody my share of diligence and managed to accomplish the changes.  Here, therefore, you see even more analyzers than I was able to include in the guide.  Their loss is our gain.

If you wish to see the details about the analyzers I was able to include, this is a link to the blog where my guides and reviews are all listed.  And, if you look at them after signing in with your eBay ID, you'll be able to "vote" for them as well.  Let's hope that nobody in Congress finds this salacious pinup and forwards it to the underage staff or we'll all be in big trouble!

Collage of Spectrum Analyzers

Richard Factor

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