07 October 2022
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Meanwhile, Mostly Due North of Where We Were in Italy

And Over A Century Ago,

The great scientist and atomfysikeren Niels Bohr was born.

I knew that he was Danish, and was born a long time ago. I wouldn't have known that the exact date was the 7th of October 1885, or exactly 137 years ago today, were it not for the oddest of coincidences.

  • We took a cruise, one of whose stops was Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • We and another couple got on and off a "Hop-On Hop-Off" bus at some random location.
  • We decided to have some food at an outdoor location that had a table and chairs.
  • As we were dining, I looked up.

Not much of a story, eh? Except that the plaque above my head just happened to be a few metres from our table!

Such is the Value of Serendipity

Although many find quantum mechanics mysterious and impenetrable, my only mystery at the moment* is that in this picture my camera strap is around my neck. Where did this photo come from?

We Shall Return to Italy in Due Course


*Which is not for a moment to imply that I understand quantum mechanics.

Richard Factor


"The Sky Children"




Collins Radio, before they were Rockwell-Collins, made what was considered by ham radio afficionados the best radio equipment. It was also the most expensive.

They are now commemorated by this T-shirt with their "meatball logo" but, alas, no current radio gear. If this shirt provokes no nostalgia, you're just not a ham.

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