16 Sept. 2011
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Linzer Update

When the blogdrums hit, they hit hard.  Not only have I been negligent about saving the world, offering theories and opinions about matters (and creatures) great and small, and failing to detail my Feud with Ford, I have even

Neglected to Report on Two Linzer Sightings

Calandra bakery box - contained two sizes of linzer torte

An unexpected email from Terry asserted
that she was in Fairfield NJ and look what
she found!  Would I be in the office?


And so, it turned out, would this box
from Calandra's bakery. 
Here's what it contained:

Calandra bakery linzer torte - small

Calandra bakery linzer tortes - standard

Little Linzers And Standard Linzers

A fortuitous spotting followed by a
frantic left turn led to these
splendid exemplars of the
baker's art.

 Montauk Bake Shoppe in Montauk, New York

Montauk Bake Shoppe Linzer tortes

While Viking remains the reference, both bakeries produce creditable simulacra.  As it happens, the path to Viking has been blocked since Hurricane Irene collapsed a local road.  Since both Fairfield and Montauk are even less routinely accessible, I cope as best I can. 

The Santa Fe Linzer Torte Trip

OK, you think Montauk (Long Island, New York, the very end of) is too far to go for a Linzer Torte?  Perhaps that's because you never drove to Santa Fe, New Mexico from New Jersey.  To be sure, neither drive was just for these yummy and expressive pastries.  But the subsidiary destinations didn't engender the same degree of salivation.  I have already pictured them on my blog, but it turns out that they (with your help) can do me a favor:  On our first trip to Santa Fe, we stayed at the Inn on the Alameda, which is now holding a contest forwhat else?a free stay.  This will be of great value should I win, since a new supply of Linzer Tortes will be walking distance!  The Inn is holding a contest, which they explain on Facebook.  I wish I could give you a link to click to "vote" for my entry, but it's far too complicated.  You have to "Like" the Inn and find the contest and then find my photo entry and then vote, and I think there's some fine print about your sharing (not selling) you immortal soul.  So never mind.  (If you're already my "friend" on Facebook, feel free to find my entry somehow and take a chance with your soul.  I'm sure it's been mostly apportioned in any event.)

The Official Update

I see I've been remiss in updating my official Torte Reporte.  Not any more.

What Feud With Ford?

Stay tuned.  Whose side you're on will depend on how you feel about the importance of brakes.

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Thank you, Nick!

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