Winston On The Web!

Christmas Day 2021 - Update

It's been nine years since Winston the Puppy came home to Sedona. His name is still Winston the Puppy and he is still as energetic and cute as when we got him. I couldn't resist adding another picture, though, which was taken a few days ago. Don't mess with Mr. the Puppy!

Winston and his Martha Stewart toy.  It was his first casualty. Yummy towel.  In process of becoming a casualty.
Winston doing his demonic cleam.  First the food, then the bowl...
He loves his leash.  It can't escape!
We think Winston was about a size 16 in this photo. Winston meets his first schnauzers.  Not to mention a bichon frise.  In his first class he learns to "sit."  I'm told there's a reason for this.
Behold the Incredible Shrinking Foot! Winston Graduates Puppy School!  12 January 2013
Winston's first official playdate with  Lola and Shira
Winston the one-year-old puppy skeptically reads his card/cookie
Winston had a visitor- Zach  

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