25 April 2006
SETI League
PriUPS Project


Q:  Well?

A:  Well What?

Q:  Does this blog have a subject or theme or even any point?
A:  Why?

Q:  You told me to check back in a month or so.  Surely you haven't forgotten already? 
  Yes, I guess I did. 

Q:  I've been reading it every day.  It seems pretty self-indulgent, and I haven't been able to find either a unifying theme or a point of view or anything other than a collection of essays.  And that's according many of them more dignity than they warrant.
A:  Guilty.  Hey!  I'm newish at this blog stuff.  I'm quite pleased that I've managed to crank out one per weekday for over a month now.  I suppose I could stick to a theme, but I would have to feel pretty strongly about something to be that obsessed over it.  Can we say that it has a "random theme" and that's the theme?

Q:  No.  And I'm asking the Q's here.  Can't you at least stick to the format?  You're so... unfocused!
A:  Sorry, as always.

Q:  How about some nice analysis of current events?
A:  I already did a few comments about CNN.

Q:  They weren't analysis, they were petulance.  Isn't anything happening in the world worthy of comment?
A:  I suppose so, but everybody blogs about current events.  I don't know that I have anything to add.

Q:  If you don't make this more topical, it will be hard getting anyone to read it.
A:  I'm not so sure of that.  I know I have at least one reader already, and no, I'm not counting myself or you!  And besides, I'm also doing it for my own entertainment.

Q:  Is that working?
  I think so, although I'm not entirely sure.

Q:  Alright, I'll let you go for another month, but your blicense may be in jeopardy.  Be sure you get the form in on time.  And think theme!



Richard Factor