27 April 2009
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Weekend Activities

I Went for a Walk

And passed a very large, rather majestic edifice,

Majestic house

<<  The house

The mail box  >>

Taped mailbox in front of majestic house

with, perhaps, a problematic maintenance budget.  Orjust maybeit's an art.

I made Tea With Milk

Stonyfield Farm "organic whole milk" Unlike my previous experience making tea with lemon, this next activity required a bit more cogitation.  I was asked to make "tea with milk."  Back when I was young, one could buy milk.  In those days, tea with milk could be made by making tea-with-lemon (see instructions) without lemon, and then adding milk.  But I don't think you can buy "milk" any more.  The two milk-like items I was able to find in the refrigerator were "organic whole milk" and "plain Silk soymilk (natural)".  In my navitea, I translate these as follows:

"Organic whole milk":  Comes from cows, not underground mines.
"Plain Silk soymilk (natural)":  Contains no supernatural ingredients.

They both exhibit equal facility in contaminating the tea-with-lemon without lemon.

Plain Silk Soymilk Natural

I Attended a Birthday Party

It was quite jolly, the company was excellent, the food was good, but the layout was unsatisfactory.  All 12 of us sat at a synthetic table cobbled together from the usual "tables for two" at the restaurant.  This was a strictly linear assembly, which prevented almost all communication between the people at the ends, of whom I was one.  In fact, when the couple at the opposite end departed early, I didn't even get to say "Good bye" since there was no audible indication of their departure.  (Even the water gun that appeared at the event didn't have sufficient range for a remote "tap on the shoulder.")  In fact, the linear arrangement was so inconvenient that even the "birthday boy" (who occasionally reads this blog and will probably forgive me for that appellation) was largely inaudible.

I think it would be better if restaurants were to provide circular tables for events with more than a few people.  Everyone can see everyone else and shouting isn't necessary.  Also, there's always a straight-line between the water gun holder and the target.  In special cases such as birthdays, an even better arrangement can be made.  The center of a circular table is out of reach with a large enough crowd.  So, why not cut out the center and place the guest of honor in a rotating chair in that location?  Every one can communicate with him more easily, it's clear whose birthday is being celebrated, and targeting is even easier.  A candidate plus:  Instead of a rotating chair, use a motorized rotating platform instead.  That will assure equal access; one rotation per course should be ideal.  

I Shopped for Linzer Tortes

I have updated the Torte Reporte.  This time the mocha squares were stale and the petits fours were missing.  But the Linzer tortes, unlike the two previous visits, were almost perfect, with an especially luxurious helping of jelly.

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"Red Balloon"
Small Faces



Is this Intel shirt tasteful or what?  Delivered years ago by a random rep or salesman for a long forgotten product.

Intel Flex T-shirt
Richard Factor

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