30 April 2010
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Two Murrays and Some Important News in Physics

Murray the "K"

Mr. the "K" was a legendary New York City disk jockey.  I'd tell you more, but he has his own web site and of course there's a Wikipedia article devoted to him, although I note that the latter omitted the quotation marks around his abbreviation.

My mom took me to see one of his famous shows at the Apollo theater.  I'm not sure whether I was too young to attend by myself, or that she was concerned for my safety, morals, or even continued existence.  We both survived the experience.  My main memory of the event was that an older girl sitting behind me kept hitting me in the head with a large, heavy, and clangorous bracelet.  That and the fact that all the acts played a medley of their hit and were on and off the stage in what seemed like seconds.  Now that was organization!

Triggering this particular reminiscence was the accidental discovery of a couple of Murray the "K's" submarine race watching cards in a box of old QSLs.  These are either serious collector's items or totally unwanted.  I couldn't even find one on eBay, although I'm sure hundreds of thousands must have been distributed in Murray's heyday. 

Murray The "D"

Somewhat after the heyday of Murray the "K," while the memory was fresh and I was involved in my previous life with a previous employer, I had a co-worker named Murray.  It was our custom, along with one or two Pauls and the occasional Gary, to frequent a particular luncherie on Fridays.  It involved driving, eating, and finally returning from the garage.  On our return one day, there was this guy walking on the street with his dog.  As we got close, he looked up and hollered "Murray!"  None of us knew him, Murray included, but he kept looking at us and bellowing "Murray!"

As we got closer, Murray responded to him, the man looked puzzled about that, and finally realized that he was being confronted by a genuine Murray of the human persuasion.  He pointed "No, no... Murray the DOG."

You can guess who had a new epithet from that day forward.

Who Needs The LHC?

Jeff Bingaman:  "American needs all the clean electrons it can get." You may have read the news recently that the "Cape Wind" project has been approved.  A curious assortment of advocates and detractors has been fighting over this for almost a decade.  The cons assert that the enormous wind turbines miles offshore will affect recreation, fishing, and not-so-coincidentally, the views from the Kennedy compound.  The Pros understandably want free wind energy, and won't have to look at the turbines. 

Rep. Jeff Bingaman, breathtakingly obviating the need for the Large Hadron Collider and praising the administration all in one sentence, asserted "America needs all the clean electrons it can get."  Perhaps the LHC can at least be used to verify the congressional discovery of sub-sub-sub atomic particles that are so tiny that to electrons they look like dirt.

"You're Gone"

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This is a Marillion T-shirt.  I got it at a rare concert in NYC.  Marillion is a UK band with only a modest USA following.  They rarely attend these shores, which is sad because they're really, really good.  The one time I've seen the band this century was right after the 2004 release of their album Marbles, which was therefore unfamiliar to me.  They performed the whole album! 

Marbles is less "accessible" than much of their previous material, and being in a standing-room-only venue as well, it wasn't the concert I had hoped it would be.  Nice T-shirt, though.

Marillion T-shirt circa 2004
Richard Factor

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