29 April 2010
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 A Trip to the Zoo

What's wrong with this picture?

If you said "that's not a zoo animal, that's an observatory," you'd be partially correct.  What's really wrong with it is that it's much too well-lit to be doing its observatory job. 

 Stamford, CT.  Observatory

Bear in mind that this observatory is on the same grounds as the zoo.  On the day of my attendance, in addition to the chickens, live, many, occupying the grounds outside the fences that contained the larger animals, there were fleets of small human children.  Many of whom could easily reach the button in the photo below.  Many of whom probably cannot and certainly will not read.

Please do not ring bell during the day.  Astronomers may be sleeping.

Astronomers may not be sleeping as much as they wish.

Alpaca with Beatle haircut.

This is an "alpaca."  Now I know where the Beatles got their inspiration.

What's Wrong With This Blog?

It almost missed April!  Bad blog.  Naughty, procrastinative blog.

"I Know You Rider"
Grateful Dead




Here's a T-shirt that speaks for itself.  Which is a good thing, because if I tried to do all those voices, I'd be permanently injured and never narrate a blog again.  OK, so maybe it's a bad thing, too.

Looney Tunes T-Shirt...  "That's All Folks!"
Richard Factor

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