25 August 2006
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Almost Enough...

One short week ago I mentioned that "perfect" was a grammatical absolute.  It cannot be compared in the sense that something can be "more perfect" than another.  I neglected to mention that there is an acceptable comparative:  "Almost."  A thing can indeed be almost perfect. 

Today we consider "Enough."  Although superficially "perfect" and "enough" seem alike, nothing can exceed perfection, yet one can have more than enough as well as less than, or "not enough."  Right? 


Consider butter:   I have long espoused the theory that if put more and more butter on a slice of bread, eventually you will have almost enough.  I have never seen a slice with "more than enough."

Likewise, books.  Call my "life" dreary, but for me one of the most anticipated annual events is the local library book sale.  Here's how it works, more or less:

  • Friday:  Hard cover books, $2 paperbacks, $1

  • Saturday:  Hard cover books, $1, paperbacks, $.50

  • Sunday:  A bag of books (all you can fit) $2

  • Monday AM:  A box of books $1

  • Monday PM:  The book burners show up to clear the room

I'm a Saturday and Sunday kind of guy.  By Monday I have pretty much everything worth getting.  Until recently I wasn't allowed to deploy the books from the last three years because the wall behind the new book cases hadn't been painted.  (No, I don't understand why that matters, either.)  But this should be an especially acquisitive year because empty shelves beckon.  The awaited book sale is this weekend!  I have mentioned it to friends, some of whom claim they have "enough" books right now and don't need to attend.  Others, especially those who have observed my sea of bags of undecanted and obviously unread books from years previous, might be thinking that I, too, might have "enough" books.

Sure.  And I have enough chocolate, enough money, and that slice of bread is fully-buttered.

Richard Factor