28 August 2006
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California is a beautiful state.  The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful parts of California.  Despite the fact that the ocean is on the wrong side of the beach, at least from my East Coast point of view, I would always go to the beach if I had the opportunity when visiting, as I used to do before the evil airline scum took over.  I was very adaptable back then. 

One day as I was negotiating an always-almost-full parking lot I saw a license plate that looked very much like the version I recreated below. 

California License Plate QVMF

After an instant's puzzlement, its meaning popped into my alleged mind, I indulged myself in a substantial guffaw, and decided that it was the most clever license plate I had ever seen.  Although I'll take credit for several clever ones myself, nothing in the intervening decades has changed my mind.

I kept a lookout to see if the owner of the car was about, but despite the terrible sacrifice of spending a couple of hours on the beach I was never able to locate him.  For that reason, I'm not positive it means what I think it means, but it can hardly mean anything else, can it?  Perhaps the owner still has its multicolored successor, or fondly remembers it, and will find it here when he does an internet search.  I never selected this for a New Jersey plate of my own because I have a more temperate attitude, but I still get a giggle over it, and trust you will, too.

Richard Factor