29 Dec. 2008
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 Truth In Truffles

Bartons chocolate founded 1898 on truffle package   Bartons is a old-line manufacturer of fine chocolates.  They say so themselves.
Bartons Heavenly Dark Truffles package, unopened   I found this package of "Heavenly Dark" truffles for sale at a local chocolate shop.  Looked like a good deal for $2.99.  A new product from a brand I've liked since childhood.

I looked through the little window at the festive confections, issued an involuntary "Yum!", and bought two packages, truffles untasted.

Bartons Heavenly Dark Truffles package, opened, with filler cardboard     Whoops.
Bartons Heavenly Dark Truffles package showing size of filler.   Just in case no "settling has occurred during shipment" it appears that the packaging material is offering a little help.


(Back to the Storm soon.  I just had to notify the world of this truffle tragedy.)

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