24 Feb. 2009
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The Year of the Frog

1.3 Billion People Can be Wrong

The Frog Exhibit at the Norwalk, CT Maritime Aquarium It was just last month that I was letting 2008 go without lamenting its passing.  Little did I know that 2008, the Year of the Rat to the Chinese, was the Year of the Frog to the somewhat smaller membership of The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  No complaint, though.  I prefer frogs to rats, and I bet you do, too!

This way to the frogs!

Look!  A frog! Another frog, this time a small one on the edge of a saucer
Another, darker frog in a different saucer Three tiny little blue frogs
A further additional frog, this one looks a bit menacing Here's a dark green frog, looking at the menacing frog on the left.  They're both protected by the cell border.
Six cute green frogs.  They're sharing a rock. A closeup of one of the blue frogs.  I think he moved.
I think it's... yes!  It's a FROG! This frog is trying to escape through the screen.  Watch out. There's something fishy in frogland

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