18 Feb. 2011
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Fashion and Eagle

Eagle First

Bald eagle on the ice in the Connecticut River near Essex A genuine photo of a genuine bald eagle.  Taken by me with my camera from a boat in the Connecticut River.  We had an adventure last weekend, incorporating driving, walking, boating, and wildlife (a branch of Nature).

Karen had her first ever sightings of real (genuine) eaglesone on the ice, the other in the air.  The previous sighting didn't count, since the eagle was in a cage.

Mock eagles in a shop in Essex, CT.  Real eagles outdoors. Eagle-tipped pens.  Very festive. There were also some less than fully genuine eagles.  Does the term "tourist trap" sound familiar?

Fashion and Joe Day

Every year around Joe's birthday (and/or day of demise, which were separated by 59 years but only two weeks), I get together with a few of his friends and hoist a Nathan's hot dog in his honor.  Joe was notorious for getting deals.  In a nod to the fact that "fashion" is getting ready for spring, I decided I needed a good deal on a ski jacket, and, having arrived at the mall early, I scouted around. 

Ski jacket - down filled yet - tags.  Final price: $20 Original (perhaps fictional) list price:  $119.99
Marked down to $79.99
On a rack that said 50% off, which somehow made it $29.99

I tried it on and it seemed right-sized and comfy.  Then the sales guy pointed out that the zipper worked perfectly but it had a missing pull-tab.

I offered him $20 and he took it.  I emailed their customer service for a replacement pull-tab, and held my head high at the hot dog table.

Why There's Disease in the World

Good news!  I have unraveled this age old conundrum, and it has to do with fashion.  If God is good, why is there sickness and disease?  Because of Christine Chiu, that's why.  In a Wall Street Journal article subtitled A Peek Inside the Closets of Shoppers Who Pay Full Price for Designers' Latest Runway Looks, we find this remarkable information:

Christine Chiu wears most items only once. The 28-year-old, who is married to the founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, goes to events every night of the weekoften making multiple wardrobe changes in a single night.

"If you're going to a gala for some kind of disease and then you go to a hip art event, you can't wear the same thing," Ms. Chiu says.

She usually attends New York Fashion Week but skipped this season to attend the Grammys. She isn't worried about missing something good.

Perhaps my logic isn't hermetically sealed, but "if you're going to a gala for some kind of disease" then you clearly need more diseases or, I suppose, more hip art events to fulfill your need for more runway fashions.

An equally intractable question:  Why am I reading articles about fashion in the Wall Street Journal?  (The emphasis is on "Why am I"  since the Journal will print anything nowadays.)  If you can help me reverse this terrible compulsion, please do.

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