22 Feb. 2011
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Froggy the Art

Remember Linty the Frog?

Linty was (and possibly is) a grey tree frog, discovered in the kitchen and returned to nature about 4 years ago.  Tree frogs live to be 7 to 9, and have "no parental involvement with their young." 

Today we meet Froggy the Art.  This art may enjoy an indefinite lifetime, may or may not gather dust, and also has no parental involvement with its young.  But unlike Linty, his toe pads are not sticky due to the lack of "slimy mucus" production.  Who says you can't improve on nature?

Scott Bisson glass frog (contemplating power supply)

Froggy The Art is made of glass, by renowned artist Scott Bisson.  Froggy has a lot of siblings!  Before he settled in by the power supply, he lived at Artistic Hand Blown Glass in Stamford, CT, next to a similarly vitreous salamander.  Was he on sale?  Of course he was!  Sadly, the establishment is going out of business soon and all their stock is on sale.  Perhaps you'll read this before it's too late.

Breathtaking Monopolistic Greed Prediction Department

My prediction is that Apple will not get away with their plan to acquire 30 per cent of the world's publishing revenue.  But it's remarkably audacious, and with their hoard of spare cash, they could easily afford to build a new Supreme Court and hire simulacra of the Chief and Associate Justices.  Then, all they would need would be to spoof GPS signals in the vicinity of the real Court and direct everyone to their wholly-owned third branch of government. 

"Down By The River"
McKendree Spring




The TotD department has a vast remaining supply of shirts, which continues to be augmented, often weekly.  But I couldn't turn down this contribution from my old buddy the Ken Schaffer Group, who has a succinct way of capturing some of my theories in print.

Ken Schaffer Group "More Delay!" T Shirt
Richard Factor

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