29 Jan. 2014
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My First NAMM

Hey!  Welcome to 2014

Yes, I know it's a little late, and 2013 wasn't the best RIKLblog year ever.  But maybe 2014 will be better.  And maybe not.  I didn't make any resolutions for this year, but the ones I made in 2007 worked so well that I haven't been keen on reducing my success rate.

Hey!  Welcome to NAMM

I had been intending to go to the NAMM show for decades.  NAMM used to stand for "National Association of Music Merchants" and perhaps it still does, although it's not immediately clear from their web site.  Although I have attended most of the Audio Engineering Society shows since the early '70s, NAMM had been off my radar in the early years, too far to travel in later years, and when it came together geographically a couple of years ago, there were schedule conflicts.  Finally, this year and despite the long drive, I made it.

NAMM is big.  Too big to write about, and hardly worth the trouble since so much is already on the web from many perspectives.  NAMM encompasses not only the professional audio industry as does the AES, but also the vast musical instrument industry, the staging/lighting industry, and ancillary groups.  There are companies (yes, more than one) that seem to do nothing more than make drum keys.  Now that's specialization!  So, I'll belay the babble and offer a few photos.

Eventide wins TEC award for H9 stompbox at 2014 NAMM.

Eventide was nominated for two TEC awards, and won in the category of Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects Technology.  Russell, Greg (holding award), Tony, and Dan were there to accept and do a bit of deserved basking.  George Clinton was there to present it.  Way to go, guys!

Schaffer-Vega Diversity System replica at NAMM 2014

Oblast from the past - Ken Schaffer and friends resurrect the SVDS wireless guitar, although it isn't quite so wireless any more.

Langfang Risheng Sport Stationery & Musical Instrument Co., Ltd at NAMM 2014

There were a lot of Chinese companies represented at the show. 

It's good to have a camera and to be tall - taken at NAMM 2014

I had been told that NAMM is different from AES.

The Consumer Electronics Show, held at the beginning of January, is also no longer geographically undesirable.  I had intended to go this year, but didn't, quite.  Maybe next year some photos from there as well.

"Train Runnin"
Wendy Waldman





Special for today - front and back.  I need hardly elaborate on this one, beyond mentioning that it required a significant trade with one of the roadies to acquire.

See Factor (NYC) T-Shirt
See Factor T-shirt back, from Procol Harum tour in the early 70s
Richard Factor

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