11 July 2006
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No Whine Today

Low resolution humans - many different kindsIf you were to read my last week of blogs, you would note that I've been whining about all sorts of things.  I guess that's better than whining about only one thing repeatedly, but only just.  I think it's time for a cheerful entry.  As I mentioned a week ago Monday, I have a 4th of July BBQ every year.  As nice as it would be to keep all the food for myself, I've noticed that having a selection of humans at a party generally livens it up.  And, if they are selected carefully enough, it isn't livened excessively, which is also a boon.  The pictures at the left are large enough to establish the species of the participants yet small enough to protect their privacy. 

A fine time was had by all, or so I've been told.  The potato salad was especially good, there was almost enough chocolate, the mood was festive, the pool had only water after everyone purportedly went home, and even the cleanup was performed in record time.  I'm sure I'll be cranky before long, but right now I have nothing to whine about.  Enjoy this brief moratorium! 

(Which is not to say I have nothing to groan about.  I continue to solicit assistance with the abundant lefts-over.)

Richard Factor