03 July 2008
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Toyota's Novel Idea

02 July 2008 Wall Street Journal Article - Toyota building houses in Japan


In yesterday's Wall Street Journal there appeared an article about Toyota.  It seems that they own a prefabricated housing division that builds houses in Japan.  Compared to their automobile division, it's tiny, but that doesn't stop them from looking for synergy between the divisions.  It looks like they've found one:

WSJ Toyota article:  The Car's battery can serve as an electrical backup, powering the home during blackouts.

"Toyota's aspirations as a home builder are gaining new importance with the planned launch by 2010 of its plug-in vehicles, gas-electric hybrid cars with powerful lithium-ion batteries that drivers will need to recharge at home.  The car maker is testing an electricity-monitoring system in its homes that would charge the vehicle during off-peak hours, while the car's battery can serve as an electrical backup, powering the home during blackouts."

Love it!


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