15 June 2006
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Art Is A Dirty Business

Don't believe me?  I'm a person of the male persuasion; dirty fingernails come to me naturally.  Below is a photograph of my hand (left(left)) in comparison to the not-so-dainty, fingernail-challenged hands of a genuine artist of the opposite gender. 

Dirty Nails/Clean nails.  Who's the artist?  Who's the blogger?

She actually makes very nice arts - they're three-dimensional and I have a number of them in my house.  Three lesser ones are climbing a wall, as it were, and two major ones are running a protection racket.  Thus far I have not disclosed her identity.  If there is a paragraph after this one, she has made what I feel is a wise decision to forfeit the sanctity of her fingernail hygiene in favor of a potentially valuable plug for her arts.  Either way, her decision will be obvious.

Suzanimal - 3D Art by Suzanne Langle.  This one is named "EIR" which is pronounced "AIR" Behold the noble Suzanimal!  (She calls them "Beasts" but as a patron of the arts I get to dub them as I choose.)  Here's her blurb from the "Super-Krete" site.  Does she have a commercial sensibility or what?

"Artist, Suzanne Langle, uses Super-Krete Bond-Kote to sculpt her unique beasts. She uses a polystyrene core and adds layers of Bond-Kote and fiberglass to build-up the structure and sculpt its shape."

And, from the New York Times!

"Because they are so thin and reedy, the dogs made of a lightweight plaster substitute by Suzanne Langle of Bloomingdale don't get underfoot. Several are in the gallery, and in this case and familiarity breeds fondness. Two large ones, ''Nikolai'' and ''Maurice,'' sprout wings, and smaller, shelf-size ones would make good guard dogs. In the gallery, they wrap their pliant limbs around candy bowls."

UPDATE - 08 February 2008 - Suzanne has a new WEB SITE

Richard Factor