26 June 2006
SETI League
PriUPS Project


I Am SO Behind!

I just read an article on CNN entitled Rising gas prices fire up bloggers and I realized that although I'm a blogger, I haven't written a word about rising gas prices!  And, if I seem fired up, it's just the summer sun asserting that my tan is insufficient.  As you know I own a Prius, so gas prices aren't a big deal.  Nonetheless, to hold up my end of the conversation and satisfy the blog search engines, let me add the largish heading

Rising Gas Prices!

so that I can be in the "in crowd," and, while I'm at it, tell a story.

The Story

Almost 15 years ago, my friend who used to be Evyan took over the soda route at my place of striving.  She assumed this duty because we had a soda machine, but the people who refilled it seemed to have vanished.  Rumors surrounding this sudden disappearance were rife and inventive, as you might imagine.

Evyan could be economical of expression.  In fact, in recent years she has modified her moniker and is now known by a single syllable.  But in those days, she was Evyan, and one night she refilled the machine and also raised the price of the soda cans by a dime.  I asked her a question:

Q:  Evyan, what shall I tell people when they ask why the price of soda has gone up?
A:  "They have soda."

Hmmm.  Seems I have written about rising gas prices after all.

Richard Factor